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Your Photo or Favourite Image

Printed on gummed paper and perforated

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Stamp Sizes:
36mm x 30mm – 45 Stamps per Sheet
40mm x 28mm – 40 Stamps per Sheet – most popular size
56mm x 35mm – 25 Stamps per Sheet

Photo stamps are printed from your special photos, selfies, artwork or images on gummed paper and perforated exactly the same as a postage stamp.

Transform your cherished memories into stunning stamps that capture the essence of your best wishes or life’s most significant milestones. These personalized stamps make a truly exceptional and heartfelt gift idea. As a durable keepsake, they possess an enchanting allure and undeniable impact that cannot be overlooked. Stick them on your mail and effortlessly promote yourself, your achievements or your business.

You don’t have to be a famous personality to have your very own custom stamp; simply send us your photo and preferred wording, and we’ll handle the rest. In addition, we specialize in creating artistamps, turning your artwork or images into exquisite stamp sheets.

Looking to sell stamps in your shop or add a unique touch to a show bag? Our Mini Sheets of Souvenir Stamps are the perfect solution. Choose for cloud-based digital communication solutions that go above and beyond.

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Stamp Size

36mm x 30mm, 40mm x 28mm, 56mm x 35mm

Number of Sheets

1, 2

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