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Our professional design service is available for both website and print media projects. We also specialize in copy writing and can also take care of any photography or Video requirements plus incorporate any additional plugins your website may need such as an online shopping cart, or any other interactive apps.

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All our websites are developed using WordPress and are responsive to all mobile devices. WordPress has become one of the most popular applications used on the internet due to its easy to use CMS (content management system) allowing you to manage your own website once it is completed.

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Having a professionally designed website is only the beginning. We also ensure that it contains the right SEO content so that you appear prominently on search engines such as Google to ensure people find you when they search online. We can also create and manage your social media pages such as Facebook or any other Social Media options.

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We offer three types of hosting plans on secure Australian based servers. All our hosting packages are optimised for WordPress web sites using the built-in LiteSpeed cache. View details:

Business 1st – $180 per year. This plan is suitable for most small business websites.

Business 1st Plus – $250 per year. For websites with high volume shopping carts requiring more CPU and Memory.

Business Ultimate – $360 per year. Ideal for very high traffic websites requiring optimum CPU and Memory.

Domain names

We can register the domain name of your choice (if it is available) and package it with your website hosting. Our pricing includes full DNS. Alternatively if you already have a domain name we can point it to your new website.

NEW TLDs: As far as domain names go an extensive range of new domain name extensions are available. There are 100’s of new extensions known as new TLD’s, that use common words such as .build, .store, .melbourne, .property, .music .shop, .design etc. Pricing for these vary starting from $10.00.

App Development

There is a continued growth of apps being used on mobile phones to access webpage content. They also provide many other functions such as push notifications creating a direct marketing channel to your customer base. The other advantage is you can bring a business website into the mobile world so that your visitors can access your services with a single tap on their respective mobile device. In short an app is a companion to your responsive business website. With newly developed plugins greatly reducing the cost we can develop an app for your WordPress website at a very competitive price.




dande1st.com – providing solutions for cloud based digital communication as well as traditional print media

eBOOK: Takeaway:
the Sale of the NZ
Govt Printing Office

dande1st.com have published the ebook version of Takeaway – the Sale of the NZ Government Printing Office which coincided with the 30th anniversary of the first Government Asset Sale in New Zealand when on January 24, 1990, the Crown and Graeme Hart of the Rank Group signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement for the Government Printing Office that was to come into effect on January 31, 1990.

The signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement was the beginning of the end of a poorly conceived sale process that was drawn out over two years. But even following the signing of the agreement it took a further 10 months before the Crown were able to fully complete their obligations which would allow Rank full management of the business. But the Agreement signed on January 24 allowed for the Rank Group to take all the profits of the business even though they had only paid a small deposit and during that time the GPO sales turnover was more than the profit the Government made on the sale of this business asset.

To make matters worse for the Crown, Rank managed to get out of paying any interest on the balance of the money owing when they offered to help finalise issues that the government departments and consultants responsible were having. This amounted to Rank saving a further $1.5 million. Rank also were able to save over $2 million off their original bid for the business following an audit after the sale. The purchase of this Government asset was the springboard that was to launch Rank into the country’s wealthiest investment business that 30 years on is worth more than the national debt reduction the assets sales programme was supposed to achieve.

Takeaway – The sale of The Government Printing Office revisits the GPO in the 1980s of change and looks at what went wrong with the sale process and the effects and aftermath the sale created for the business, that years later triggered a Commission of Inquiry due to the very poor sale result that was less than the cost of the sale process itself and led to a profitable printing, publishing and stationery business being sold for much less than it was worth.

Available now as an ebook.

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