You might have noticed that many business websites now contain a privacy policy. As most websites contain a contact form or an online store you may want to consider having a privacy policy on your website that lets customers know how you deal with their personal information submitted when they use your website to communicate with you.

There is no requirement to have a privacy policy on a site but most businesses decide that it is a simple way to comply with the requirements of Australian Privacy Principle No. 1.

Basically, the purpose of a privacy policy is to simply explain to customers and potential customers how you manage their personal information. There is no template for a privacy policy that you must follow.

We have a basic privacy policy on our website that can be used as a guide – see this link:

With the EU’s new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect this month, addressing the protection of information that is collected and stored on a website, some Australian website owners are being asked by their customers to make sure that they’re going to meet the GDPR, because it’s simply seen as almost a de facto, new global standard.

If you think you should have a privacy policy on your website we would be happy to assist in creating one on your behalf.

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