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with your own personalised Android Social App … produces Android Apps that allows you to “stamp yourself on the web” by allowing access to your Social Media pages by just tapping your personalised app running on a smart phone. Your social media contacts with a Android phone can download and install your app then access your pages with just one tap of their finger on your very own app image! Getting your own app is easy. Just go to the How to Order Page, upload your photo and Social Media page link, then pay using either Paypal or Direct Credit. On receipt of your order we will produce your very own App with downloadable link within two working days. Once you receive your download link you can add to your Social Media page so all your contacts using an Andoid Phone can download and install giving them easy one tap access to your Social Media page.

You can also have a sheet of the real deal …

You can also have a genuine printed version of your very own stamp as we also manufacture personalized high quality photo stamps and selfie stamps from your photos, selfies, artwork and images, printed on gummed paper and perforated exactly the same as a postage stamp.

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Photo Stamps

Turn your favorite photos into a sheet of beautiful stamps that can be a messenger of your best wishes or the most important events in your life. Stamps make a great gift idea – something unique and personal.

This small piece of gummed paper is a durable and a unique memory of any event. It possesses an unexpected charm and an undeniable impact: Impossible to throw it away or forget.

STICK THEM ON ALL YOUR MAIL to advertise anything – yourself, your achievements or your business and your brand! You don’t have to be a famous personality to get yourself on a stamp just send your photo with your choice of wording to us and we will do the rest.

Artistamps are also very popular. Send us your artwork or image and have it made into a sheet of stamps. We also can produce Mini Sheets of Souvenir Stamps which are ideal for selling in your shop or adding to a show bag.

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New eBook Launched have published the ebook version of Takeaway – the Sale of the Government Printing Office which coincides with the 30th anniversary of the first Government Asset Sale in New Zealand when on January 24, 1990, the Crown and Graeme Hart of the Rank Group signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement for the Government Printing Office that was to come into effect on January 31, 1990.

The signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement was the beginning of the end of a poorly conceived sale process that was drawn out over two years. But even following the signing of the agreement it took a further 10 months before the Crown were able to fully complete their obligations which would allow Rank full management of the business. But the Agreement signed on January 24 allowed for the Rank Group to take all the profits of the business even though they had only paid a small deposit and during that time the GPO sales turnover was more than the profit the Government made on the sale of this business asset.

To make matters worse for the Crown, Rank managed to get out of paying any interest on the balance of the money owing when they offered to help finalise issues that the government departments and consultants responsible were having. This amounted to Rank saving a further $1.5 million. Rank also were able to save over $2 million off their original bid for the business following an audit after the sale. The purchase of this Government asset was the springboard that was to launch Rank into the country’s wealthiest investment business that 30 years on is worth more than the national debt reduction the assets sales programme was supposed to achieve.

Takeaway – The sale of The Government Printing Office revisits the GPO in the 1980s of change and looks at what went wrong with the sale process and the effects and aftermath the sale created for the business, that years later triggered a Commission of Inquiry due to the very poor sale result that was less than the cost of the sale process itself and led to a profitable printing, publishing and stationery business being sold for much less than it was worth.

Available now as an ebook.

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